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Devenish Wines is a small dedicated distributor of fine wines. We believe wines should taste like where they come from--wines that in some way embody the unique climate and environment from which their grapes were produced. To that end, we seek out smaller, family owned wineries that take pride in the wines they produce. They grow their grapes more naturally, and have a real relationship with the land they work on. The wines we represent are the antithesis of industrially produced homogenized wines.


We feel a sense of responsibility for the wines we distribute and to the people who make them. Therefore we strive to offer impeccable customer service to support the wines once our customers have purchased them. When you buy wines from us, you aren’t just buying the wine; you are also getting our knowledge, passion, and willingness to help promote the wine.

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151 Walton St.

Portland, ME 04103


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