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UPDATE (July 7th): We fixed our payment processing issue and everything is back to normal.  

Extended deadline for ordering T Shirts! Due to our payment processor going down for 5 days we are extending the ordering cut off until

July 11th!

At the start of the Pandemic and shut-down, Ned was looking for anything he could do to help.  Among other things he decided to commission a local artist to make a piece of art referencing the situation.  Ned’s inspiration came from the Works Project Administration of the Great Depression and a desire to help support the local arts community.  The single piece of art quickly became four, each from a different artist.  As Ned started talking to the artists, he began to wish there was a way for the art to be more public so that it could have a broader impact.  That was when he had the idea of putting the pieces of art on T-Shirts and selling them to raise money for unemployed hospitality workers. 

food gives us life

We've chosen to donate all  profits from shirt sales to the Restaurant Worker's Community Foundation, folks who are working to provide resources and advocacy for the hospitality workers we know and love--along with the many who too often go unrecognized and for whom the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a pre-existing quality of life crisis. 

Our first batch of t-shirts are available as pre-orders, with free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. For all international shipping inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to DEVENISHWINES@GMAIL.COM

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